Forme Millinery



"I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful fascinator you made for me for the Oaks.  You nailed it and I got so many compliments.  My absolute favorite part was the addition of my grand-mother's jewelry.  It was such a treat for me and I am so very thankful"

Erica, Louisville, KY


"OH MAH GOD! My Pegasus fascinator is complete and its UN BE LEE VAH BULL! Forme never disappoints!"

Adam - Salem, NH


My hats arrived and they are exceptional!

Lory - Dallas, TX


I just came back to MO and opened my hat box. It is just beautiful. I absolutely adore it. I haven't smiled much in the past few weeks with my Mom. I can't tell you how happy this hat makes me.... Thank you so much, I have a feeling I may NEED more in the future! ;)

Nicole - St. Louis, Missouri 


Oh my goodness - you nailed it!! My staff all gathered around when we opened the box and we had Sister Lucy in our minds.  Then I pulled the hat out and everyone ewed and awed quite loudly!! It looks so much like her - perfect PERFECT 👏 she is going to love it.  I'll send pics. Thank you Jenny so much....

Diane - Paducah, KY


The cloche is beyond gorgeous! Thank you so much!

Susan - North Carolina 


Jenny's hats are not only AMAZING but works of art! Ladies and gentlemen... she's the real deal!

Ryan - Louisville, KY


I loved the hat you made for me for the wedding and I got tons of compliments on it.  I felt so good wearing it and it really brought together my whole "look".

Andrea - Louisville, KY


Thank you again for the wonderful experiences making my own hats this weekend! I found the entire process so interesting, challenging, and fun! You're a wonderful - and patient - instructor, thank you again. I had an amazing time. 

Stacey - Chicago, IL


It is not everyday a custom hat is made for me by celebrity milliner Jenny Pfanenstiel ! Thank you!

Bridget - Joliet, IL 


I should have carried your cards with me. I was stopped and asked about my fascinator all day. I was so proud to wear Forme 2 days in a row!

Tonya - Louisville, KY 


Your hats are breathtaking! I'm your #1 Fan. 

Sandra - San Francisco, CA 


I just got the package and it's absolutely perfect perfect perfect perfect is just what I wanted.  I am so happy.

Rhoda - Chicago, IL


We visited her hat shop at The Mellwood Art Center, in Lousville.  Rhonda bought a hat there for her daughter, the space is wonderful, very vintage, her hats are over the top dreamy visions!!!!

Jean - Arkansas


The workshop was wonderful! I loved it. You are an amazing teacher and very patient! I look forward to attending more of your workshops in the future. Thank you so much. 

Amelia - Louisville, KY


Jenny is a fantastic person and amazing Milliner! We met last year during Derby Week and just wishing her the best. Check out her site!

Leilani - Dallas, TX


I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your very enjoyable and informative presentation at the National Street Rod Association Ladies Tea.  I have received many complimentary comments on your program and how very much they enjoyed your creative talents come to life with the fashion show.  Kudos!

Cheryl - Stockton, CA


You are a genius!

Sarah - Dublin, Ireland


Love, love, love you Jenny! Everyone complimented my hat...and of course I told them about you!

Kathie - Joliet, IL


Formé Millinery you are amazing!! So excited & cannot wait to wear my first fascinator at Arlington Park.

Stephanie - Chicago, IL


My daughter has already worn her hat several times and LOVES it!!! It's adorable and we can't thank you enough!!!

Judy - Naperville, IL


The hat received rave reviews!  Thank you.

Anne – Chicago, IL


Your product is beautiful!

Raquel - Louisville, KY


Thank you for all your help with the event…the ladies loved the hats! It was a pleasure meeting you and working together.

Katie - Louisville Convention Center


Once you donned one of Jenny's 'one-of-a kind' creations, you are never satisfied with a "decorated" hat!!! Jenny's pieces are truly works of art - not just hats!!

Donna – Louisville, KY


Thank you for making my first derby an incredible experience!!

Severine – Paris, France


 You are a Millinery force to be reckoned with.

Cigmond – New York, NY


Omg! You're a rock star! You deserve the success. Love u.

Alice – Tempe, AZ


Thank you so much again for designing the spectacular fascinator for me for the KY Derby.  I loved it! 

Julie – Louisville, KY


Jenny, I just received my new hat!  I love, love, love it!  Exactly what I wanted and envisioned, but better!  You are one talented lady! 

Janet - Bowling Green, KY


I have never loved an outfit this much! Thank you Jenny for my amazing hat!

Katy – Louisville, KY


Many compliments on my hat. Simple yet elegant!

Valerie – Bowling Green, KY


I want you to know how much we enjoyed your program today.  We have had a hat program every year at the Woman's Club but this was by far the best we have ever had.  You actually taught us something and the models were so awesome.  You and the health committee deserve major Kudos!! 

Linda - Louisville, KY


The best hats around...hands down! I have 2 Forme winter hats, two Forme Black Label hats, 5 Forme fascinators, and 2 Forme headbands! I love them all!!

Heather - San Antonio, TX


This is my friend Jenny Gerst Pfanenstiel She designed and hand made this hat and many others that are absolutely stunning. She lives in the Louisville area, so if you are ever in need of a Derby Hat or a lovely hat for that special occasion, please please please look her up.  

Marsha - Louisville, KY


Jenny is motivated-- talented and very knowledgeable in hat design and techniques--- SHE'S THE BEST THERE IS!!!!

Gloria - Chicago, IL


Jenny is detailed, creative, personable, and treats her customers with care and respect.   I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Jenny.

Susan - Louisville, KY


You sure do make us smile with your hats Jenny!

Laura - Lisle, IL


I always get compliments every time I wear one of your hats!!

Nancy - Chicago, IL


We are excited to feature one of your creations in the Derby (April) issue of Louisville Magazine!

Louisville Magazine - Louisville, KY


Jenny's chapeaux are accessories for your soul!

Donna - Louisville, KY


Once you wear one of Jenny's creations, it changes you forever!

Patti - Louisville, KY


I LOVE my hats!

Barbara - New York


I just arrived home after a 3 week trip to find my gorgeous hat waiting for me.  I really love it!  Now to find a dress to do it justice :). Thank you so much!  I can't wait for the Derby Day :)

Becka - Singapore 


I just bought one of your pieces from the AIBI shop.  I am thrilled! I adore hats, but I am also short with a rounded face so I don't often find flattering pieces.  Excited to discover you.

Nicole - Chicago, IL


I purchased your hat at Arlington Million. At 67 years old I have been invisible for a number of years. That hat was like magic. Men stopped and turned to look at me. They opened doors for me. I had at least 20 men and women tell me they loved my hat. We went to a restaurant after the race and the owner came to our table and said "you make my restaurant look good". It was a wonderful day. I got so much attention and had more fun, all because of your hat.

Julie - Arlington Heights, IL


Everyone LOVED the hat - myself included! It worked out beautifully! Seriously - so many compliments that it was out of control! I hope your ears were ringing...I told lots of people about you. Thanks for everything and see you next time.

Allison - Chicago, IL


Thanks so much! They are stunning!

Connie - Lexington, KY


Jenny Pfanenstiel is a phenomenal milliner and her work is outstanding. For all the society events in Chicago (and beyond) , Jenny's creations are "must haves" and top off any outfit perfectly. In addition to her design, she is great to work with and always a pleasure. I would recommend her without hesitation.

Kevin - Chicago, IL


Your "porkpie" hat was a HUGE success and ended up on the internet in the Courier Journal's website photos of the event.

Porter - Louisville, KY


You are the "Martha Stewart" of chapeaux, Jenny!

Donna - Louisville, KY


Awesome Hats...Awesome Instructor.

Tammy - Westmont, IL


I had the great pleasure in taking the class she taught in Chicago and had a great time along with learning a few things. She is awesome and a pleasure to know.

Yvonne - Charleston, South Carolina


I had a wonderful time last year taking the fascinator class from you at Judith M millinery in LaGrange, Indiana.

Helene - La Porte, IN


Very, very impressive!

Rita - Seattle, Washington


I received my hat today and I love it! The color is perfect and the form is just my style. I'm so glad I learned about you from The Drake's afternoon tea.

Debbie - Chicago, IL


The Hat was an absolute sensation at the party I went to on Sunday. Everyone was coming up and complimenting it – both people I knew and people I didn’t know. I can safely say that it’s now one of my favorite hats, both the crafting and the color. Thank you so much.

Iris - Chicago, IL


Thanks so much Jenny and always a pleasure working with you and your beautiful hats!

Willow - Chicago, IL


Your hats look perfect!

John - Brooklyn, NY


I've worn the hat I bought from you along with lacy blouse & skirt to greet the tours. I have gotten a compliment every time I've worn it.

Nancy - Chicago, IL


Your class at Judith M's on fascinators so inspired me. Took an additional class there on buckram and am now into making cocktail hats. Thank you.

Judy - La Porte, IN


I adore you and think you are one talented lady!

Michael - Chicago, IL


I love your hats!

Stephanie - New York, NY


Literally my favorite hat designer!

Ryan - Cincinnati, OH


You are great to work with !!!!!!!

Shaun - Chicago, IL


Exquisite Hats and accessories!

Nicole - Chicago, IL


Winning the Rising Star Award is awesome, and so deserved. You have already won the hearts of all who see your work, and the recognition of the fashion easy feat... That makes you pretty special! It's almost time to start wearing my, (your), new hat...I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!

Edie - Chicago, IL


CONGRATULATIONS on the Rising Star Award!!!! I am so happy for you. I am sure that is a great honor in the field you are in. I'm also sure no one deserves it more than you. I cannot even imagine where you come up with your beautiful ideas for making a hat. You a really one neat gal!

Karen – Chicago, IL


Wonderful, wonderful work!!

Judi - Vancouver, BC


I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to interview you briefly for our Japanese-language blog site for Ann Arbor.

Mary - Ann Arbor, MI


We love the Kentucky Derby, and as we watched it and the spectators, we wondered how many of the hats the women were wearing were yours. You are so creative, and you are having so much fun. You know they say that if you love what you are doing, you will never have to “work”. Heartiest congratulations! And keep the creative juices flowing Jenny.

Rita - Seattle, Washington


I hope you had a wonderful Derby. We did. It was such a pleasure having you and Susila at the gallery. You two are totally awesome.

Delanor - Louisville, KY


You just made my day, Jenny! Actually, without knowing it, you've been making all of my days a little brighter for the past week...the dandelions have emerged, and that always makes me smile and think of you.

Kris - Seattle, WA


Jenny I am so proud of you. You are a self-made woman. You are famous!!!

Jean - Wichita, Kansas


I just wanted to tell you one more time how much Talia and I enjoyed your classes and getting to know you! We are both at work today dreaming about making hats and fascinators. Actually we are making a list of supplies we want to order. Again, thank you for everything. Once Talia and I have a chance we will contact you about future class opportunities.

Christie - Baltimore, Maryland


I want to thank you so much for the outstanding work you did on my lovely hat! I can’t wait to wear it and I thank you so much for the cute hat for my two year old granddaughter.

Linda - Chicago, IL


I have fallen in love with your hats!

Laurie - Austin, TX


I wanted to thank you for letting us shoot your hats for the magazine, they are so extraordinary!

Nina - Vancouver, BC


I just wanted to thank you again so much!!! I had a blast today, and I love my new hats.

Kim - Chicago, IL


It was GREAT to meet you, my hat's creator, at the One of Kind Show! I love my hat, and am ready to wear it to next year's Derby (presuming no rain like this year) as well as to weddings and other fancy events. Thanks so much for creating this hat. Once I put it on, I knew it was mine. :-)

Susan - Chicago, IL


Your hat has left a very memorable mark on our wedding day, thank you.

Alyssa - New Buffalo, MI


Omygosh Jenny, it is beauuuutiful! I love it!! It is perfect--better even than I had hoped. I can't wait to debut it in public. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for making my haute couture dreams come true!

Kris - Seattle, WA


I have come across an amazing hat designer that I know that you will love! If you enjoyed the hats from the Royal Wedding, Jenny Pfanenstiel of Forme' Millinery has designed hats featured in Vogue magazine.

Sharon - Chicago, IL


I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was meeting you last week. I have heard so many wonderful things about you so it's nice to finely have a chance to put a face to a name I have heard so much about. You have so much talent! Your work is fabulous! And you have done so much to bring attention to the millinery community here in Chicago. Well done!

Lisa - Hinsdale, IL


Thank you for the hat. I would love to wear one of your creations for derby too ;)

Grace – New York, NY