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Hat Making Workshops


Trunk Shows
If you wish to host a trunk show in your area email Bart at or call 773.719.7307. 



Jenny is available to teach one-on-one and group interactive hat making workshops.   Basic sewing and serging workshops are also available.  She will provide the materials used within each workshop.  We ask that each attendee brings a sewing kit and any favorite embellishments one would like to use on the hat they create.  Jenny is available to travel to your studio, or workshops can be taken at her hat shop in Louisville, Kentucky.  Please contact her at or 773.719.7307 for additional details and availability.


Beginner Hat Making Workshops:

* Blocking a Straw Crown and Brim into a Hat

* Blocking a Wool Crown and Brim into a Hat

* Making a Cloche Hat

* Making a Royal Wedding Fascinator

* Working with Horsehair

* Making a Hat from Jinsin

* Free-form Straw

* Free-form Wool

* Gatsby Headbands

* Making Feather Flowers

* Embellishments Galore

* Making Hat Pins

* Making Feather Headbands

* Taking Your Artwork to the Next Level

* Sewing 101

* Serging 101


Intermediate Hat Making Workshops:

* Straw Braid OH MY!

* Manipulating Wool (burning, stamping etc.)

* Blocking a Fascinator with Found Objects

* Carving your Own Hat Block

* "Block"ing Party


Current Group Class Schedule: 

Sorry, no refunds.  If an emergency arises, we would be willing to reschedule the class with you.


KY Hat Making Workshops:


July 21, 2017 (morning)

Flowering Feathers

Have you ever wondered how they make those feather flowers in stores or on those fancy hats you see?  I will teach you several techniques and tricks to the trade on making feather flowers.  No more buying $50 and $60 feather flowers for your hats, gifts or hair.  Feathers and materials provided.   



$310 per person (millinery materials included)

1 day class

Formé Millinery Hat Shop


July 21, 2017 (afternoon)

Sculpting a Hat with Horsehair

Horsehair is a common material used in creating fun Fascinators and Cocktail Hats for the races and parties.  I will demonstrate how one can work with and manipulate horsehair to create amazing shapes that they can wear.  I will also demonstrate how you can print on them and alter them to look very different from their natural form.  Once a shape is created, we will then make it into a hat to wear.  I will provide an assortment of horsehair and straw bases for attendees.  Attendees will need to bring needles, large pins, thread and scissors.  Also bring any embellishments to decorate your hat like feathers, ribbon, broaches etc. 


11:00am – 2:00pm

$285 per person (millinery materials included)

1 day class

Formé Millinery Hat Shop


July 22, 2017

Blocking a Brimmed Hat

Each person will learn the different types of straw for blocking and how they are best used.  They will learn how to wet and steam the straw to form it over a hat block to make a shape of a hat.  We will be blocking both a crown and a brim separately.  Once dry, we will then hand sew the crown and brim together.  It will be finished with wiring on the brim, a sweat band in the crown and any embellishments one chooses.  Each person will walk away with a beautiful Derby hat that they can wear with pride.   


12:00pm – 3:00pm (1st day)

11:00am-4:00pm (2nd day/ July 23, 207)

$350 per person (millinery materials included)

2 day class

Formé Millinery Hat Shop


August 18, 2017 (morning)

Blocking a Cloche  

What comes to mind when you hear Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby?  Cloches of course!  In this two day workshop you will learn out to “block” wool over "One Blocks" or a cloche hat block.  Once blocked, we will wire the brim, put in a sweat band and embellish.  All materials are included (Wool, wire, joiners, grosgrain, blocks, sizing, rope etc.)  Attendees need to bring a basic sewing kit, water bottle, towel and any embellishments. 


10:00am – 12:00pm (1st day) 

11:00am - 2:00pm (2nd day/ August 19, 2017) 

$325 per person (millinery materials included)

2 day class 

Formé Millinery Hat Shop


August 18, 2017 (afternoon) 

Free Form Cloche  

Does your style take on a more abstract look and feel, or have you just wanted to create a wool hat with no boundaries?  This course takes hat making to the next level without using hat blocks.  You will learn how to take swool and by using a head form as a base, you will twist, turn, fold, and manipulate the material to create a beautiful abstract cloche hat piece.  Millinery materials are included.  Attendees need to bring a canvas head (or wig head), water bottle, sewing kit, tacks or large pins and any embellishments.


12:30pm – 4:30pm (1st day)

2:30pm - 5:00pm (2nd day/ August 19, 2017)  

$285 per person (millinery materials included) 

2 day class  

Formé Millinery Hat Shop